The Company

AVT is primarily engaged in the business of developing Cancer therapeutics and immunotherapeutic vaccines that can be used together with prevalent treatment modalities such as chemotherapy and radiation to treat active disease and to prevent metastases and recurrence. Scientists at AVT have identified and patented a chemotherapeutic drug called Capridine that has shown in preclinical models to have specific activity against prostate and colon cancer. This drug is expected to be the frontline AVT product specifically in prostate cancer where no chemotherapy exists at present. The Company’s immunotherapeutics is based on the ability of certain proprietary reagents to re-educate or reprogram a failed immune system that can target previously unidentified micro-metastases. The Company intends to clinically develop both of these approaches independently specifically for prostate cancer.

The Company is conducting its research by providing funding to an academic institution(s) to conduct its research as this type of funding arrangement makes the most economic sense for start-up research. Therefore, in the future, the Company intends to expand its research efforts by identifying other promising research and funding that research through the researcher’s respective academic institution(s). The market for the Company’s products is very large. Just the drug alone and one successful vaccine against one type of cancer could result in a market potential worth billions. The proprietary technology is easily adaptable to infectious diseases enhancing the market potential several folds. The Company does not intend to market its own products. The Company intends to enter into agreements with large pharmaceutical companies whereby AVT will enjoy an upfront cash sum plus an ongoing royalty stream when the drug/vaccine(s) are approved by the FDA (Federal Drug Agency) for use in the market. The Company will search for a partner(s) in early Phase II/III clinical trials of any particular treatment modality drug and/or vaccine.

The Management of the Company believes that with a committed funding, the objective of this business plan, the first therapeutic pharmaceutical, the prostate cancer specific drug and a prostate cancer vaccine, can be evaluated through Phase I clinical trials in humans within the next 9-12 months.

The total market for AVT’s possible product mix (initially defined as a Prostate cancer drug, followed with a Therapeutic Vaccine, i.e. able to also treat previous prostate disease based on multiple modalities such as drugs, radiation, surgery, etc.) is vast and conservatively estimated to generate annually $1 billion for the drug and $300 million for secondary prevention of prostate cancer in the US alone. The revenues considerably enhance when extended to worldwide market and other cancers and diseases. In addition, Management believes that Capridine may have applications as an adjunct to other existing chemotherapy treatments to reduce toxicity and increase therapeutic efficacy. The Company believes that its best interest will be served by developing our drug product internally to Phase I/II before soliciting a partnership with a larger pharmaceutical company. This strategy, however, is dependent on the Company’s ability to obtain adequate capital. The Company may partner with a large regional and/or global pharmaceutical company for world-wide distribution. We believe that the valuation of AVT will increase five-fold by the end of Phase I and twenty to fifty-fold by the end of Phase II. AVT can realize substantial revenues using this model. In addition, with any confirmed partnership, the Company expects to receive a substantial upfront cash infusion followed by an ongoing royalty stream.

Employees / Facilities
AVT is headquartered in New York City, and we primarily perform research functions at academic and laboratory facilities located at New York Medical College in Valhalla, NY, and the Cancer Institute of New Jersey. Our employees are all part-time independent contractors, and we are in the process of interviewing candidates for the position of Chief Financial Officer.

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